Jesse is the Producer and music composer on an upcoming film by Rob Cousineau about their dear friend, artist, Brendan Patrick. 

"Brendan would be considered disabled by many. He suffers from a loss of sight and cystic fibrosis, just to name a few obstacles in his path. Brendan has never allowed those things to define him or disable him in any way. Brendan is Brendan, plain and simple, and thats important for people to see.

Can't See Sh*t (named by the artist himself) tells the story of Brendan Patrick's journey. It gives the viewer a glimpse into the world of a cystic fibrosis survivor who is an artist, a musician, and a person living without sight. 

Brendan's story is about perseverance and what comes after you lose everything you thought defined you as a person. We're making this film because we know there's someone out there in their darkest place and feeling lost. Someone out there needs to know this story. And you can help us spread the word!

We are still looking for sponsors and funding, so if this project is of interest to you, please send a message!

Below is a teaser with some clips of Brendan :) Jesse's friendship with Brendan, Rob Cousineau(director), and the Can't See Sh*t team means so much to her, and she is so honored to be helping to share Brendan's story. She has only known them a short time, but she really can't imagine her life without them.