Inauguration Day

This is a really intense, dark, horrifying moment for so many different reasons. I decided to devote my life to the fight against global warming when I was 15, and obviously am fully dedicated now to the fight for climate justice and now more specifically to turning the Paris Agreement into action, and have spent the last two years working on this vigorously with Rebecca Foon on Pathway to Paris. I am pledging right now that I will work harder than ever, will not give up, and will work with out partners United Nations Development Programme - UNDP and not only on advocacy projects spreading facts, awareness, calling the citizens, groups, cities, and the world to action, but also will develop REAL, tangible, innovative, ambitious solutions. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP, instead we are feeling more charged than ever before, and even though this is a massive challenge, we are taking it to the next level and fully believe we can tackle this. As Jigme Ugen said today, 'we have been training and preparing for this moment.' In addition to working harder than ever, staying positive, not letting my faith and belief be defeated, not losing my passion, I also pledge to take good care of myself in this terrifying and overwhelming time in order to do the best I can. We need to do both : take care of ourselves, and work harder than ever. As activists and concerned citizens, it is ESSENTIAL that we take care of ourselves in order to be at our best. Please remember that always. As Bill McKibben said before, 'the real work starts now,' and we are ready!!