Everest Awakening was started in April 2015. In light of the major earthquake, friends and collaborators joined together to create a community with a goal of directly delivering disaster relief to those affected in the region. The initiative works in direct contact with friends like Heartbeat and Mountain Resiliency Project, groups working on the ground in Nepal, rebuilding through short and long term projects. Everest Awakening has helped to support projects like funding solar energy installation, rebuilding bridges, delivering food, clothing, uniforms, books, and supplies to schools and orphanages, sustainable food projects, recycling projects, creating new jobs within local communities, and even helping to fund the Nepal team to join the World Rafting Competition in Japan in October 2017. It's next projects will be focused on creating a sustainable recycling system and working with sherpas on a climate change focused photography initiative. www.everestawakening.com 

The name 'Everest Awakening' represents a symbol of the issues faced today in the world and how we must respond to them. We think of Mount Everest as completely almighty and untouchable, and yet it was not spared in the face of the great earthquake disaster, just as it is not spared in the wake of climate change. Mount Everest is the roof of our world. We must protect it as it it were the roof of our house. We must not let it leak. Mother Earth no longer accepts our presence with silence, so we need to rise up to awaken our hearts.



We believe in using the platform of music and sound to deliver messages about issues that affect all of us through a medium that everyone can relate to. This collaboration is an extension of the traditional benefit concert, as it connects people from all over the world in a unified project, linking local and global efforts. 

The tracks on the this internet music platform were donated by each musician, speaker, or poet in an effort to raise funds for earthquake relief, and bring people together through the medium of sound. Beyond the act of donating something to raise funds, the tracks serve in helping in different ways, whether it is to heal those who are suffering in this difficult moment, or to show solidarity. All tracks were donated by the artists on the page. You can download individual tracks or the full album for a donation. 



The funds generated by all efforts of Everest Awakening are delivered to select organizations, monasteries, and individuals in the Himalayan region. Below are organizations in the Himalaya and around the world doing amazing work in areas of rebuilding, creating sustainable food programs, education, caring for orphans, healthcare, fighting climate change, advocacy, awareness, care for the elderly, etc. If you are looking for a place to work with or donate funds directly, please visit the links below.

Mountain Resiliency Project


ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood

Himalayan Elders Project

Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation

Raju Lama Foundation

Tibetan Children's Villages

US Nepal Climbers Association

Tibetan Home of Hope

For more information go to : www.everestawakening.com