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Talkingstick at the Rubin Museum of Art: Special Mother's Day Edition

  • The Rubin Museum of Art 150 W 17th St New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

It's May! It's Spring time. We have entered our 10th year of Talkingstick. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us. 

This month, Talkingstick is 2 days before Mother's Day, so we have decided to focus on the topic of the mother. Right now we face many challenges in the world, including the devastating Earthquake which has deeply affected Nepal, and neighboring countries in the Himalayan region. The Rubin Museum staff and visitors feel this intensely as we are so tied to this part of the world. 

But we need to carry on, and while doing all we can, one thing we must do is continue to love and send that love to Nepal. And what better way to access that feeling than by thinking of the enduring, nurturing, unconditional love of mother. 

This month we have three guests, Emily James, Shane Butler, and Rachel Marco - Havens. 


On Friday evenings, the museum is open late and FREE, so come take a look at the beautiful permanent collection and the current exhibitions. Also enjoy story telling by Talkingstick founders, Master Lee and Mr. Patrick, and educated explanations of the chosen works by the Rubin Museum's tour guides. Hope to see you there! 8:30pm, and as always, meet in the lobby at the bottom of the stairs! :)

Rubin Museum of Art
150 W 17th St New York, NY 10011
(212) 620-5000

Talkingstick was founded to give the truth a safe place to be told. We speak to universal truths by telling deeply personal stories, stories that changed our lives. We have learned there are guidelines to help us achieve this goal. They are:

- Tell the truth
- Speak from the heart
- Go deeper
- Mix the tribes

The founders and chief story tellers of Talkingstick are Mr. Patrick and Master Lee.




Emily James is a clown based in NewYork City. She has trained with Philippe Gaulier, Mick Barnfather and Aitor Baisure. She is currently a company member with The Arty Need Show for which she also creates all the video content. Her show Channel One which was created with her duo James and JF has played extensively in New York and has toured the Canadian Fringe and to North Carolina. She also studies improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and has a couple of viral videos on YouTube - check out Pregnant Wonder Woman!


Shane Butler is a musician, visual artist, and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a co-founder, songwriter, and guitarist in the psychedelic-pop band Quilt with which he writes and tours internationally. He has shown video, performance, and photography works in such venues as The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, The Queens Museum, the Video-Formes Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and has published writings in various print and media formats. He is a graduate of George School, Tufts University, & The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston where he graduated respectively with awards for his photography, video, and performance works.


A writer, seeker and gleaner of the tidbits of wisdom available in the moment, Rachel is a gifted Multi-Platform Life Artist working primarily with Energy Transformation. She is a comedienne, performer, mother and true friend, with a wealth of “First Aid” tips for the Mind Body & Spirit. Although she has immersed herself in many traditions and bodies of work, she chooses not limit herself to any one school, modality, religion or training. Because she is committed to growth and expansion, there will always be something new to share with her. Using methods, tools and perspective that she has applied in her own experience, Rachel offers objective, practical solutions for the transformation and transcendence of stuck energy.

While Rachel has spent her life dedicated to protecting, nurturing and supporting the work of others, and especially the underdog, it is only in the last year that she has made the commitment to use her voice in a bigger way, for positive change in the protection of our collective commons. As part of the recent coming together of a regional task force for the protection of our water, Rachel has set her mind to support current initiatives to that end. Working with strong advocacy groups, she finds herself trusting in the possibility of grand scale positive change where she was once a true sceptic. A lot happens when we change our mind!



Fully aware of his enlightenment by the age of four, Mr. Patrick has ever since been turning the cornerstone of humanity towards truth. Working twenty years in silence, communicating only through his painting and gardening (and a few miracles), he has nurtured the nature of being, for all. An advisor to world leaders, sought out by the spiritually honest, disparaged by the rest, he now speaks to the greater good through truth-based storytelling.
His films have been at the Aspen Comedy Festival, his private life on the BBC, and his performances often on MNN. Not only a painter, performer, and gardener, Mr. Patrick is a world-renowned collector of silver, furniture and ephemera for his modest museum.


Master Lee began as a street performer in Washington Square Park. He went on to do stand-up comedy, appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, MTV, Showtime at the Apollo and Sesame Street. Tired of jokes, he began listening to Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, combining stream-of-consciousness, catharsis and tapping the unconscious to create his unique true stories. He is also working on a juggling piece to the six preludes of the Bach cello suites.
Master Lee has taught storytelling at the Rubin Museum of Art and Performance Art at New York University.









The bran new exhibits at The Rubin Museum of Art is Becoming Another: The Power of Masks, an exhibition of shamanistic, ritual, and theatrical masks from around the world. It is on the 6th floor. The newest exhibit is Art with Benefits: The Drigung Tradition. 

Find out more about the format of Talkingstick and further info about the Rubin Museum of Art, here: