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House world at Roulette

  • Roulette 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 USA (map)

Spinning on Air Series: HOUSEWORLD!

Join us for the final of four evenings of adventurous songwriters, curated by David Garland of WNYC’s Spinning On Air, featuring established and up-and-coming composers who are finding new paths in the land of song. For one night only, performances and characters from Houseworld will be appearing at Roulette. This evening will feature select Houseworld performances within an interactive concert.


Houseworld is a new surrealist immersive theater performance created by Andrew Hoepfner, in collaboration with Mike Campbell, Jesse Paris Smith, and a team of volunteer artists. In the performance, 30 guests enter an historic house, one by one, and step into a dreamworld.

Guests are free to find their own path, from the dark recesses of the basement to the illumination of the attic. Each room contains a different emotion. Each character represents a different facet of the human psyche. 

The surreal inhabitants of the house deliver a heightened sense of intimacy, which is often experienced one on one. 
Through exploring Houseworld, the audience is guided into the deepest parts of themselves. 

The first season of Houseworld was held at a secret location and only accessible through word of mouth. However, Gawker still managed to find it, which resulted in this positive first review.

To find out more, visit the Houseworld website:


Ol’ Joe: Mike Campbell
The Healer: Angela Carlucci
The Doula: Magali Charron
Amaya: Larkin Grimm
The Weeping Woman: Dennie Hausen
Elsa: Sherry Katopodes
The Director / Production Assistant: Sara Lindo
Stranger Cat: Cat Martino 
Puppeteer: Evie Morrel-Samuels 
The Cook: Salvatore Musumeci
The Monster: Ben Pagano 
The Woman in the Bed: Beth Pagano
The Photographer: Rick Patrick
The Bathtub Guru: Joe Crow Ryan
The Truant: Uriel Shlush-Reyna
The Director / Production Assistant: Steve Seck
The Angel of Peace and Light: Jesse Paris Smith
The Fortune Teller: Alexis Sottile 
The Man with Sensitive Ears: Jason Trachtenburg
The Best Friend: Charles Yoo 

For more information and tickets, follow this link:

Season one was a great success, but we want to take things to the next level. We are currently fundraising for Season 2 on Kickstarter. Please donate to Houseworld today. :)