A selection of videos made by Pathway to Paris, including footage from live events. For more videos please visit the Pathway to Paris Vimeo and Youtube channels

50 Voices: People's Climate March Solidarity - April 29th, 2017 from Pathway to Paris on Vimeo.

50 Voices
People's Climate March, 2017

URGENT: A Call to Action on Climate
Maintaining the Momentum

Maintaining the Momentum
Call to Action on Climate Change

Michael Stipe, Jesse Paris Smith, Rebecca Foon
Song of Nature

Bill Mckibben
Pathway to Paris, Maintaining the Momentum

December 5 at Le Trianon, Paris
Pathway to Paris

December 4 at Le Trianon, Paris
Pathway to Paris

Social Good Summit 2015
Panel: Music as a Global Movement: Then and Now

Pathway to Paris at The Greene Space

Flea and Warren Ellis
Pathway to Paris Live at Le Trianon

Pathway to Paris
Introduction and Clips

Pathway to Paris Finale
Live at Le Trianon during Cop21